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Owning a boat is an excellent investment as it allows you to embrace an adventurous lifestyle. However, there is a list of boat accessories that are compulsory according to individual state laws. To ensure your boat is compliant and add frills to the experience, you can find the necessary accessories at Get Wet Outdoors. We stock and supply a wide range of goods for life in the great outdoors.

Sail ropes anchored to the bow

Reasons to Use an Anchor Winch

If you’ve had to endure the task of retrieving an anchor, you appreciate the value of an anchor winch on your boat. Selecting the ideal one is critical for its smooth operation. You have to consider the space on the boat, the anchor's weight, the length of the anchor rope and the capacity of the winch. Identifying these properties are critical to the correct functioning of the winch.

  • The unpredictable conditions of the sea may require you to retrieve the anchor and leave immediately. Instead of relying on manual labour to pull in the anchor, you can rely on the winch to complete the task without a fuss. It eliminates the possibility of falling overboard and sustaining injuries.
  • If you’re using your boat for fishing trips, you need to be mobile to identify the hotspots on the water. Retrieving the anchor manually won’t allow for you to move quickly between prime fishing positions. However, the winch assists you in recovering the anchor and finding a better fishing spot quickly.
  • Manual exertion isn’t for everyone. If you have physical ailments, dealing with an anchor is strenuous and places undue stress on your body. Thankfully, with an anchor winch, you can touch a button and watch the machine do the work for you.
Pulled anchor

Benefits of a Boat Bait Board

Acquiring a boat is a significant achievement that you must treat accordingly. For this reason, you should consider including a bait board with you for fishing trips. Having access to a board for cutting bait means you don’t have to rely on random surfaces on the boat.

  • Bait boards that have a run-off tray help to keep your boat neat and tidy after a long day out. As a result, the bait fluid ends up in the tray and the meat in another compartment, making it easy for you to dispose of and prevents the floor of the boat from becoming wet and dirty.
  • There are bait boards that offer a compartment for storing your knife. This feature is vital as anglers often tend to forget where they’ve stored the bait knife. Instead of taking up precious fishing time searching for the knife, this storage facility is a safe and practical solution.
  • The majority of bait boards double up as fishing rod holders which allows you to store your rods safely while you take a break to chop up the bait. It’s the ideal accessory to a fishing boat if you want to keep the area clean.

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