20 Team Daiwa Black Baitcast Rods


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20 Team Daiwa BLACK epitomises everything that has made the Generation BLACK & TD BLACK before it so popular. The release of 20 Team Daiwa BLACK has made it the best yet, with the adaptation of X45X Full Shield technology, the blanks of Team Daiwa BLACK have never been more sensitive or as refined.

Rods featuring X45X Full Shield are more responsive, cast further and are more sensitive than rods without, and this is certainly no exception with 20 Team Daiwa BLACK. As has become a staple of Daiwa rods in this price point, HVF Nanoplus graphite is used. HVF or High Volume Fibre is a densely populated graphite sheet, and Nanoplus resin technology allows Daiwa engineers to precisely monitor and maintain precise resin control, allowing them to make not only a lighter weight rod blank, but a much stronger blank as well.

A new Air Sensor reel seat is 40% lighter than a traditional reel seat design & helps maintain a balanced overall setup when paired with a correctly matched reel. An incorporated carbon handle piece not only looks the part, but transfers vibrations through to the angler’s hands on baitcast models. On spinning models, it has been incorporated low down on the handle, to provide a secure grip on two handed casts. Fuji Alconite guides adorn the blank and provide trouble free performance. Newly released LKW frames on baitcast rods are lighter than the LN guides from previous versions.

A large part of what has made previous incarnations of Team Daiwa BLACK so popular has been the almost endless options to choose from and again this is no exception. With 37 models in the range consisting of 1, 2 & 3pc models in both spin & baitcast there is sure to be a Team Daiwa BLACK rod to suit your application and target species.


20 TD BLACK JIGGY SMALLS 712MMLXB 7'1"/216cm 2-Butt Medium Medium Light 7-28g 3-8kg
20 TD BLACK DUCKFIN 702HFB 7'0"/213cm 2-Butt Heavy 15-70g 8-15kg
20 TD BLACK BULLUP 603MHFB 6’0”/183cm 3 Medium Heavy 7-30g 5-8kg
20 TD BLACK PORK CHOP 603HFB 6’0”/183cm 3 Heavy 14-50g 6-10kg
20 TD BLACK DOUBLE BEEF 622HFB 6'2"/188cm 2 Heavy 14-50g 6-12kg
20 TD BLACK BAITLADY 6101LFB 6'10"/208cm 1 Light 3-14g 2-6kg
20 TD BLACK SKINNYMINI 641LRB 6'4"/193cm 1 Light 3-14g 2-6kg
20 TD BLACK FINEZZA 641MLRB 6'4"/193cm 1 Medium Light 4-16g 3-7kg
20 TD BLACK CRANKY 641MHFB 6'4"/193cm 1 Medium Heavy 7-21g 5-10kg
20 TD BLACK RAZORBACK 681MHFB 6'8"/203cm 1 Medium Heavy 7-21g 5-10kg
20 TD BLACK GONGBEATER 561HFB 5'6"/168cm 1 Heavy 10-45g 6-12kg
20 TD BLACK BEEFSTIK 601HFB 6’0”/183cm 1 Heavy 10-50g 6-12kg
20 TD BLACK MULLET 701MHXB 7'0"/213cm 1 Medium Heavy 10-30g 5-10kg