Boone Hook Remover

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Extra-long-nose pliers are perfect for removing those deep set hooks and none do it better than this Boone Quick Grip 12” Stainless Steel Hook Remover pliers. This Boone fishing tool features a heavy-duty stainless steel chrome-plated construction, with a clever bent ergonomic handle design, so you can easily remove hooks while minimising fish discomfort. This handle design also keeps your hands clear of any razor sharp teeth when fishing for mackerel, wahoo, sharks and other toothy predators. The famous red Boone non-slip grip makes it easy to hold securely while working.

As with all stainless steel fishing pliers, maintenance is as easy as a regular rinse, wipe clean and lightly oil the hinge for smooth operation and this Boone fishing tool will last the test of time.

The name Boone is synonymous with sport and gamefishing. All Boone fishing tools are designed by fishing experts and are especially popular with experienced gamefishing crews around the world.