Chasebait Rip Snorter Soft Vibe


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Chasebaits Rip Snorter 90mm Weedless Vibe
The RIP SNORTER is the worlds first true weedless vibe. With a custom snap on hook you can fish deep in the snags were the fish are and not worry about losing your favourite lure.
It has the perfect bait profile and made from an ultra strong and durable material. A flash blade and swivel is attached to the belly to create extra flash and it also gives you the option to replace it with a treble, trailing assist or simply nothing. The RIP SNORTER has been designed to be fished hard and deep into snags to catch you more fish.

Length _ 90mm (3.54") | Weight _ 15gm (0.5oz)

Hook _ Unique Interchangeable SNAPLOCK Weedless Hook