Daiwa Hyper Seagate 6000

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 Rigorously tested in Australia the new Seagate Hyper reels are built for jigging and game fishing with ultra-strong braided lines.


The protégé of Daiwa’s higher priced reels all the internal componentry is built to deliver unrivaled power in its class. Built on the solid reputation of our famous innovations like ABS, Digigear, Airbail, etc, Seagate Hyper is a force to be reckoned with. With this much power these reels need to be strong, so to eliminate body flex the frame and side plate is constructed of rigid aluminum alloys which supports Daiwa’s famous Digigear drive system. The Digigear system provides up to 15% more cranking power than conventional gears and is perfectly meshed to eliminate wear and tear. This is supported by Daiwa’s CRBB bearings (corrosion resistant ball bearings), thus making it incredibly smooth to wind and virtually corrosion free.


The powerful drag gear system is supported by our UTD (ultimate tournament drag) waterproof drag system that will deliver up to 15 kilograms of drag pressure.


Seagate Hyper is the perfect balance of strength, reliability and price.




Aluminum body and side plate



Twistbuster II


Titanium nitride line roller

Rotor brake

Full time dual stopper infinite anti-reverse

Machined aluminum handle

CRBB ball bearings


Neo ball knob