G Loomis IMX 7ft 2pc

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Our Classic Casting Rods are designed for accurate, low-trajectory casting which makes them ideal for fishing in tight quarters, around low overhanging limbs and cover. They are all 6-foot rods with Fuji's ECS (exposed blank - trigger reel seats) and 7-inch, straight cork rear-grips. These are the rods that started it all for G.Loomis in the bass fishing world. Anglers use them for topwater baits, spinnerbaits, small jigs & worms where accuracy is more important than distance. These rods remain on the cutting edge of graphite technology today. They are no-nonsense, no frills, high performance fishing tools. The most popular models are available in three levels of graphite performance... GL3, IMX and GLX!

  • Pieces: 2
  • Line wt: 4-8lb
  • Blank type: Graphite
  • Grip assembly: High Density Cork
  • Length: 2.13 m / 7' ft
  • Action: Light