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When the Laser Pro 120 is cast, the weights move to the rear of the lure giving a straight trajectory, and upon retrieval, the weights lock in place back towards the front of the lure. The Laser Pro 120 is famous for its incredible action when using the “rip and stop” technique.

Pull the lure fast through the water using the rod then retrieve the slack line and repeat it again, this will often attract a strike from even the wariest predators.

Use the “rip and stop” technique on the standard version for explosive surface strikes. Note that when the lure stops moving it is pointing slightly left or right with the nose slightly down. It is in the ideal position for an immediate and erratic action when ripped. The Laser Pro 120 is also ideal for a slow retrieve with light twitching movement from the rod tip.

The Laser Pro 140 provides a delicious medium sized baitfish profile to add to your spread. Species such as Tuna sometimes won't bite the big stuff, so the 140 provides that option when they're feeding on something smaller.

Unlike many previous designs, the Laser Pro 140 is designed using Halco’s clear technology polymers to include features never before offered in the hugely popular trolling lure range!

The Laser Pro 160 provides that slightly smaller profile when trolling for species like Mackerel, Tuna and Wahoo. Incorporating the best of Halco technology, the 160 is must have for pelagic predators!

Of course we love all of our lures, but the Laser Pro 160 is one of our absolute favourites! On any filming trip, it's one of the first lures to be put in the spread.

Perhaps it's the slightly smaller profile that does the trick, but when trolling for species like mackerel and tuna, the 160 goes off!

If you haven't had a chance to try a Laser Pro 160, we recommend putting one in your spread. You won't be disappointed!

Lazer Pro 190 The latest in lure technology incorporating strength, durability, and fish catching ability. Choose from a range of diving depths, from 1 metre up to 7 metres. The outer body has extra secure hook anchoring and towing points that are built in as an integral part of the lure body.

Halco’s Bulletproof bib securing system provides added strength, and ensures faultless swimming performance at high and low speeds. Halco Laser Pro lures are precision built for maximum performance.

Now widely recognised as one of the world’s best bluewater trolling lures, this lure can be trolled over a wide speed band, however its optimum speed for trolling for pelagics is around 6.5 knots. Troll lures at distances ranging from 10 to 50 metres from the boat.



Model Length Weight Dives Troll Speed
120 STD 118mm 20g 1mtr  3 Knots
120 DD 118mm 20g 2.5mtr  1-7 Knots
140 DD 140mm 24g 2.5mtr  1-7 Knots
160 STD 160mm 30g  1mtr  3-11 Knots
160 DD  160mm 30g  2mtr  3-11Knots
160 XDD  160mm 30g  6mtr  3-11Knots
190 STD  185mm 47g  1mtr  3-11Knots
190 DD  185mm 47g  2mtr  3-11Knots
190XDD  185mm 47g  6mtr  3-11Knots