Jarvis Walker Deluxe Aerator

Jarvis Walker

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The Jarvis Walker Aerator is excellent choice for anglers who fish with live baits.

Live baiting is the single most effective method of catching predatory fish. Whether you are using mudeyes and minnow for trout, or yakkas and slimy mackerel for tuna and marlin, the baits must be kept alive and healthy. The critical factors in achieving this are water temperature and oxygenation. Water that is too warm will cause baits to become drowsy. Sometimes it will even prove fatal. Lack of oxygen in the water has the same effect. Live baits that are kept in cool, water with plenty of air will come out healthy and alert, making for an attractive bait that is more likely to produce the results you are after.

The Jarvis Walker Aerator is designed for long, heavy-duty work and operates on one D-cell size battery. The unit comes ready for use with a clip on the back to allow easy attachment to the side of a bucket. It also features a connector hose complete with a stone air disperser attachment that ensures thousands of tiny, oxygenated bubbles are constantly flowing through the water when the aerator is switched on.

    • Two-speed operation
    • Powered by one D-size battery (not included)
    • Air stone and air hose included
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