Marlin Tuna Spreader Bar -Dredge Teaser All Squid

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Exciting fish to bite more aggressively and to bring fish to the lures from a greater distance and depth than single lures.
To position lures deeper in the water column.
Create greater drag so that lures remain in position in rough seas and strong


  • 500mm Long, 4mm Diameter and 316Stainless steel Bar
  • Centre Leader 250lb Mo, 200lb Wing leaders
  • 1 x 5-inch Hummingbird Teaser
  • 3x 9-inch Solid Squid
  • 4 x 7-inch Solid Squid
  • 320lb Ball Bearing Snap Swivel
  • Teaser Bag

Recommended position for trolling is the shot gun or the long rigger. Run the teaser on the rod with the hooked lure on it.