Tie Down Straps - Neoprene Cam

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These tie-downs are a fast, easy, and safe solution for securing your load for your journey ahead. 
With its protective Neoprene Cam Guard, there is no need for unnecessary use of towels or foam as they are purposely designed to protect against scuffs or rub marks during travel and when tensioning straps. 
Because of the easy design functionality tying down has never been so simple! Once straps are in position, apply downward force to desired tension and your straps will only loosen by pressing down the buckle leaver. 

Great for use with Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Boards, Surf Boards, Bikes or anything needing tying down. 


  • Neoprene Buckle Guard! 
  • Breathable storage bag with zip for smart storage! 
  • Heavy Duty Buckle Design! 
  • Tapered Strap For Easier buckle Insertion! 
  • Heavy Duty Strapping
  • Total Length 4m

  • Note: 
    You should always check your load before and during transportation.