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There’s no doubt, the Sabiki rig is the fastest and most fun way to collect live baits. Kids to the young at heart love to cast their Sabiki and reel in a half dozen or so Slimy or Yakka on the one throw. In many respects, bait fishing with a Sabiki rig is as much fun as chasing the targets for which the baits are intended. The Sabiki rig has one significant and enduring frustration however, tangles. You can count on it, a Sabiki rig would get into an irretrievable mess of knots and tangles even in the vacuum of outer space.

The Rovex Specialist Sabiki Rod for sale now is the perfect solution to completely remove this problem forever. The Sabiki Rod contains the Sabiki rig inside the blank. When finished fishing simply reel the rig all the way inside the rod. No more tangles, ever. It’s ready to deploy immediately you hit the bait grounds for your next bait collection session. No more groans and frustrations as you go to your Sabiki rig only to find it tangled beyond repair.

This is a great rod for the whole family. Now everybody can enjoy fishing for bait without the fear of disastrous birds’ nests that have always been an unwanted feature of this superstar of live bait collection. Coupled with an inexpensive spin or overhead reel you will have a go-to set up for collecting Slimy and Yakka with total efficiency. Most importantly, you will reconnect to the joys of bait collection and the excitement of a line full of bait fish ready to fill the live tanks and deploy against the oceans biggest.


Type: Sabiki Rod – Suitable for use with Sabiki rigs
Length: 7 feet
Pieces: 2 piece rod (one half is bigger than the other when split)
Designed to eliminate tangles when using Sabiki rigs.
Quality fittings
EVA grips
No rod guides, only a feeder port. Sabiki rigs can be completely wound internally within the rod.
Brand: Rovex (by Jarvis Walker)
Note: Images for illustration, price is for 1 rod only. (sabiki rigs not included, we sell these separate)


You’re rigged and ready the moment you hit a school of baitfish. No more untangling the Sabiki rig, just cast.
You won’t have to throw away any more Sabiki rigs because they are tangled beyond salvage, they remain protected from tangles inside the rod.
Ultimately you will save money, the one Sabiki rig will last many bait collection sessions because it is always protected from tangles.
This is one specialist rod every live bait angler must have in their arsenal. The Rovex Specialist Sabiki Rod is an affordable way to take the pain out of using Sabiki rigs a return the joy and excitement to bait collection.