Adjustable Sit on Kayak Trolley

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  • Heavy-duty tapered rubber supports to ensure a tight fit in the scupper holes of the kayak, which means that the kayak will not rattle around when you wheel it.
  • Easily transport kayaks that have scupper holes as the arms fit securely into the holes and hold the kayak in place.
  • With the arms of the trolley inserted through the kayaks keeps the kayak in place when travelling over bumpy ground.
  • The position of the arms is fully adjustable from the thinnest to widest positions on the horizontal bar.
  • Fits almost any sit on kayak model
  • Solid rubber wheels (not pneumatic, means no air required)
  • When taking Kayak on the water, the trolley can be placed in the back storage upside down in the scupper holes for easy transport.