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We provide an array of water sports equipment. Order your wakeboard, kayak, stand-up paddleboard, water ski gear, kneeboard, snorkelling necessities, and surfboard from us online. Exercise your body and mind while enjoying your vacation.

A Short Buyer’s Guide to Our Wakeboarding Packages

A wakeboard is similar to a surfboard but is shorter, broader, and has foot bindings that tie you to the board. A motorboat tows the board across its wake. Have a go at performing aerial tricks and manoeuvres as you're pulled up over the crest of the waves.

  • We supply the durable Jobe Cause Wakeboard Package in different sizes for all skill levels and every body type. Choose between the Jobe Vector and Jobe Control bindings.
  • Our Jobe TXR & Vector Wake Combo presents with a blended rocker for a trouble-free but powerful burst off the wake. The board rides higher in the water because of its broad profile. The Vector Boot mixes three foam blends and a comfortable, ergonomic footbed.
  • We also offer the entry-level Vector Boys Package for kids. It moves through the water smoothly but speedily, turns deftly due to excellent control, and lands softly.

The Jobe brand is renowned for its safety and performance worldwide. View our wakeboarding packages.

Related Services We Provide to Wakeboarding Packages

You and your kids will have a vast amount of fun with our flatwater/race, all-round, and surf stand up paddleboards. We supply paddles, pumps, tie-down straps with protective buckles, inflatable SUPs, and trolleys.

  • We offer a wide range of pedal, sit-on, sit-in, and inflatable kayaks and accessories. Experience low-impact exercise while floating free, exploring the waters, and surrounding areas as you paddle through the wide outdoors.
  • Take a look at our water ski gear if you take pleasure in being on the open water while being pulled by a powerboat. Spend time with people who enjoy the same activities you do.
  • Our injection moulded Jobe Vertue 62 and 67 skis are tunnel bottomed and perfect for beginner and intermediate skiers. Check them out if you love a challenge, being out in the sun, and relish developing your skills at high speed. You can use them as an entry-level slalom ski or as a combo pair.
  • Consider our Jobe Wake Surfboard if you’ve already obtained your water ski gear from us and wish to diversify. The 4 foot 11 inch (149,86 centimetre) board comprises a refined swallow tail design, EVA grip pad, raised tail kicker, solid core, and is compression moulded.

Our Kidder Strike Kneeboard boasts new technology, is strong, light, and functional. Beginners learn on it effortlessly, and it works well for all skill levels.

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