Challenge the Waters in Comfort with Our Selection of Kayaks

The right kayaks will make all the difference during your time on the water, whether you prefer to go out alone for some quiet fishing or glide along the big blue with your friends. At Get Wet Outdoors, we can supply everything you need for the perfect kayaking experience, whether equipment or the kayak itself.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Fishing Kayaks

While there are many different shapes and sizes available, it becomes much easier to choose the correct one for the job when you know which features are essential. Consider the following aspects of different kayaks and how they can influence your kayaking experience:

  • The amount of space during transport. Depending on the amount of transportation space you have available, you could be limited in choice. An inflatable takes up much less space during transport and does not require much more than room in the vehicle, where the hard-shell will need additional equipment for transportation such as a roof rack.
  • The purpose of the kayak itself. If, for example, you prefer to go fishing with your kayak, it is worth noting that the inflatable option provides superior stability on the water and will make reeling in bigger fish an easier task. Hard-shell kayaks, on the other hand, are much better for pure paddling and gliding over the water.
  • The amount of durability you want from the kayak. Inflatable options are usually less resilient to piercing than hard-shell options. While none of our choices will simply give way, you should consider this if you plan to put severe stress on the kayak during use.

Various Kayak Accessories We Can Supply for Your Adventures

We have copious accessories to choose from that will help make your time on the water – and the trip to the water – much more manageable and enjoyable. Consider the following accessories and whether you can use them for your kayaking:

  • Make the trip from the vehicle to the water more manageable with a kayak trolley. You don’t have to carry your kayak by hand, whether towards your car to load it up or towards the water to start your rowing. With a trolley, transport becomes much more straightforward. Also note that we have a range of different options available.
  • Keep yourself from drifting off during your fishing with a kayak anchor. Once you have found the spot you want to fish, the last thing you need is to keep drifting away from it. With our options for anchors, we make staying in place as simple as possible. Our anchors have a weight of 1.5kgs and a rope length of 13m for maximum efficiency.
  • You can’t go anywhere without a kayak paddle. Once you’re on the water, you surely aren’t planning on paddling with your hands, are you? We have high quality paddles available that will last through your quiet and demanding kayaking adventures. Why not get a pair of super grip gloves to go with it?

Why Trust Us When You Need Inflatable Kayaks

As lovers of the ocean ourselves, we can vouch for everything we offer. Whether you need kayaking equipment, fishing gear, water sports equipment, life vests, glasses, or more, we have it all. We encourage all our clients to talk to our professionals if they need advice on which products to choose and will always help you get the most value for money.

On top of everything we have available, we also have our own ranges – Break Water Sports and Extreme Ice –for those interested. Always make sure you have the right equipment for your seafaring journeys so you can focus on enjoying yourself, not on worrying.

Call us today and speak to one of our professionals about the perfect kayak for you.