Fishing Accessories

Our Comprehensive Range of Fishing Accessories Caters to Beginners and Professional Anglers

You can enjoy fishing in two ways – a quiet afternoon on the banks, or an exciting deep-sea adventure combining the beauty of the outdoors with the adrenaline of reeling in a striking catch. However, you choose to enjoy it, Get Wet Outdoors boasts an impressive range of fishing accessories to improve your angling experience.

Fishing gear placed on the rock

Benefits of Wearing Fishing Shirts Outdoors

Anglers spend so much time preparing their lures, reels, and other fishing equipment, but often forget about protecting themselves during a fishing trip. Our high-quality shirts allow you to look great while offering practicality during your outing.

  • Fishing is an all-year-round sport and exposes anglers to the elements associated with each season. Your arms and neck are common areas exposed to direct sunlight and are subject to sunburn. Sunscreen is an effective deterrent for sunburn, however, requires multiple applications throughout your excursion, and may cause your hands to become slippery when managing fishing hooks. Our long-sleeved fishing shirts offer permanent defence from the sun, with built-in UPF50+ sun protection.
  • Many bodies of water provide ideal habitation for insects such as mosquitoes, horseflies, and gnats – all of which are a nuisance when you’re trying to fish. Our long-sleeved shirts protect your arms and upper body against these unfavourable visitors, as well as other encounters such as barbed plants and leeches. Our range of performance shirts have built-in stain protection, so no need to worry about bait, guts, or any other fishing-related activity leaving its mark.
  • Water is a part of the sport, and our shirts can prevent that uncomfortable feeling of being too wet, while out on the water. The polyester material does not absorb moisture from splashes caused by pulling in a reel or a net, and excess water drips off before being exposed to your skin. The material does not absorb your sweat, keeping you refreshed throughout the day. Should you decide to take a swim in your shirt, this quick-drying material ensures you require no change of clothes.
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What You Can Expect from Get Wet Outdoors Regarding Fishing Sunglasses

Your eyes are sensitive organs and require protection from harmful UV rays, as well as unpleasant elements such as wind and sand.

  • Waterproof, impact-resistant, and scratch-resistant are vital factors when choosing sunglasses for water sports. Our sturdy designs support rigorous fishing activity and are durable enough to withstand various conditions.
  • The lightweight formula allows for extended use while offering comfort. The nosepiece provides a snug fit that keeps your glasses in place. The floating frames provide increased security for an accidental water drop, and the interchangeable lenses suit various lighting and weather conditions.
  • We provide a hard case, a soft pouch, and a microfiber cloth for cleaning. Our 12-month warranty ensures replacement of any factory default.

Why Trust Get Wet Outdoors Regarding Fishing Kayak Accessories

Australia is home to multiple fresh water and saltwater lakes, endless coastlines, and natural billabongs, each containing various marine species, so it’s no surprise that fishing is such a popular sport. We are passionate about making your outdoor adventure a memorable and more convenient experience, which is why our one-stop destination store offers everything you would need for your preferred water activity. To find out about our range on offer, browse our store, or contact us.