Rod Holder

Catch More Fish with a Rod Holder

You can invest in a quality rod holder for your boat or kayak and get more enjoyment out of your fishing experience when you’re out on the water. There are numerous benefits to attaching a single holder or multi-rod rack, which include preventing tangled lines, minimising tripping hazards and increasing your chances of catching more fish. We provide a wide range of holders so that you can get one that suits your requirements.

Multi rod rack behind the boat

Benefits of Fishing Rod Holders

Enjoy the benefits of attaching a rod holder to your marine vessel.

  • You can increase your chances of catching more fish: A rod holder means that your gear is ready to use as soon as you pull into your fishing spot. By housing several rods in a holder before you launch your vessel, you can maximise your chances of catching more fish.
  • You can watch several lines simultaneously: You can manage several rods rather than one per person. The holder allows you to monitor multiple lines for any nibbles and then attend to the one showing movement. You will also have your hands free to attend to other tasks such as preparing bait without worrying about having to put your rod down.
  • Your rods are neatly organised: You can prevent damage to your rods as you won’t need to place them on the ground where they are a tripping hazard. A rod holder also means that your lines won’t get tangled, which is frustrating to remedy out on the water when you are ready to start fishing.
Multi rod rack installed on the rear of the boat

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Kayak Rod Holder

Consider our tips about why you should purchase your fishing products locally.

  • You will support a local Australian business: You can support your local economy when purchasing your fishing and kayak equipment from an Australian company. Our team is passionate about water sports and outdoor activities, which is why we supply quality products. We provide knowledgeable advice and can assist you in finding the ideal product for your requirements.
  • You can get prompt delivery: We process orders promptly within two business days so that you can get your products quickly. We offer express delivery options and use trusted postal services to ensure your purchases arrive in excellent condition.
  • You will get a quality product: As a local business, we understand the conditions you face when out on the water; hence we provide quality products that are ideal for the Australian climate. We offer competitive pricing and will match the price of the same product from other stores.

Why Trust Get Wet Outdoors Regarding Fishing Rod Holders?

We provide a large selection of quality equipment and accessories that is ideal for boat and kayak fishing. Our friendly and professional team provide exceptional customer service and can assist you in answering any questions. Whether you require a rack or single adjustable rod holder, we can help you determine the ideal product. Contact us and order online or view our products in-store.