Water Skis

We Stock Water Skis and Accessories for the Whole Family

Water skiing is a fun, family-friendly sport, either towed by a cable or behind a boat. Beginners usually start with two water skis, and progress onto slalom skiing once they master the basics. Get Wet Outdoors provides a range of skis, bindings, wakeboards, and complementary outdoor accessories from the convenience of an online store.

Water ski board by the port

When Buying Ski Tubes, Consider This:

Remember to purchase complementary tubing equipment such as tube ropes, shock ropes, life vests, a safety flag, and repair kits to offer convenience and safety to your experience.

  • It is essential to consider who will be riding the ski biscuit, and how many people will want to use it at once. Many people prefer riding alone, whereas others don’t find it as fun if they’re not in a group. Our Jobe J Force tube accommodates three passengers, while our JP1 tube is for solo riders. Our tubes are suitable for both children and adults encompassing padded foam handles and knuckle guards for added comfort.
  • If you have an inboard/outboard or outboard motorboat, a tow harness is a convenient accessory as it allows you to keep the ropes away from the propeller. It is an effective safety and precautionary benefit that makes the towing process easier on your boat. A tow harness also comes in handy when your boat lacks a pylon or ski eye. By creating a tow attachment point at the back centre of your boat, this harness can pull skiers, wakeboarders, and tubers.
  • The best performance from a tube results directly from proper inflation, but without a gauge, how do we know when the tube is properly inflated? An optimally inflated tube will expand to fill the cover while keeping its intended shape and size. Properly inflated tubes provide the least resistance to the boat and glide over the water effortlessly. Under-inflated tubes create drag, inducing strain on the tow rope and the tow point. Over-inflation puts stress on the seams and can damage the tube’s bladder.
BnW image of a man during water ski

What You Should Know About Kneeboards

Whatever your proficiency, always choose a board for its intended use, for maximum results.

  • There are two types of kneeboard rider: recreational and competitive. Recreational riders prefer user-friendly, stable boards, while competitive boarders use kneeboards that allow for aggressive turns, more air, and smoother tricks.
  • The underside contour of the kneeboard creates traction on the surface of the water. The more fins and channels, the more traction the board has. Beginners usually require fins to control the board while learning, which retract into the board once the rider gains more stability. Advanced riders need little to no contours on their board, creating a smoother riding experience with the ability to perform tricks with ease.
  • The kneeboard straps aim to secure the rider onto the board for increased security. Ergonomic knee-pads deliver comfort for prolonged rides, featuring contours that support riders’ knees, ankles, and feet.

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