Atomic Fish Arrowz Spin Rod Range


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The Estuary Series has four spin models. From the finesse special 70SUL designed for ultra light bait and lure fishing, to the heaviest model in the series, the 70ML, this series that delivers refinement, precision, and lightness. The Offshore Series delivers superior muscle and control. These four 7’0” spin rods feature ultra-refined fore and rear neoprene grips, and are great value for money. In the Barra series there’s one spin and two baitcaster rods, all with neoprene fore and cork rear grips. For the Bream Specialty range there is the Bream Surface 70BS and the Bream Crank 70BC.


AAS-260SUL Skinny Water 2-10g 6' 2pc 2-6lb Spin
AAS-260UL Skinny Water 3-14g 6' 2pc 3-10lb Spin
AAS-70BC Bream Crank 2-10g 7' 1pc 1-5lb Spin
AAS-270BS Bream Surface 2-12g 7' 1pc 3-8lb Spin
AAS-70BS Bream Surface 2-12g 7' 1pc 3-8lb Spin
AAS-270BC Bream Surface 2-10g 7' 2pc 1-5lb Spin
AAS-266UL Estuary 3-14g 6'6" 2pc 3-10lb Spin
AAS-266SUL Estuary 2-10g 6'6" 2pc 2-6lb Spin
AAS-270UL Estuary 3-14g 7' 2pc 3-10lb Spin 
AAS-270SUL Estuary 2-10g 7' 2pc 2-6lb Spin 
AAS-270ML Estuary 5-21g 7' 2pc 6-14lb Spin 
AAS-270L Estuary 5-15g 7' 2pc 6-12lb Spin 
AAS-70L Estuary 5-15g 7' 1pc 6-12lb Spin
AAS-70UL Estuary 3-14g 7' 1pc 3-10lb Spin
AAS-276WT Whiting Tip 4-14g 7'6" 2pc 3-8lb Spin
AAS-290SS Shore Spin 20-50g 9' 2pc 15-25lb Spin
AAS-270MH Offshore 8-35g 7' 2pc 10-25lb Spin 
AAS-270M Offshore 7-28g 7' 2pc 8-16lb Spin 
AAS-70H Offshore 10-50g 7' 1pc 14-30lb Spin
AAS-70X Offshore 20-80g 7' 1pc 20-40lb Spin
AAS-70M Offshore 7-28g 7' 1pc 8-16lb Spin
AAS-270H Offshore 10-50g 7' 1pc 14-30lb Spin
AAS-270X Offshore 20-80g 7' 1pc 20-40lb Spin 
AAS-60MH Barra 8-35g 6' 1pc 12-25lb Spin
AAS-2120BL   N/A 12'0" 2pc 4-8kg Spin
AAS-276BFC   2-10g 7'6" 2pc 1-5lb Spin
AAS-276BFS   2-12g 7'6" 2pc 3-8lb Spin
AAS-70ML   5-21g 7' 1pc 6-14lb Spin
AAS-70SUL   2-10g 7' 1pc 2-6lb Spin
AAS-70MH   8-35g 7' 1pc 10-25lb Spin
AAS-60M   7-28G 6'0" 1pc 10-16lb Spin
AAS-60X   20-80g 6'0" 1pc 20-40lb Spin
AAS-60H   10-50g 6'0" 1pc 14-30lb Spin
AAS-60XX   30-100g 6'0" 1pc 25-60lb Spin