Berkley Trout Nuggets


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The original and the best floating artificial bait for catching trout, the Berkley PowerBait Trout Nuggets will change the way you target both rainbow and brown trout. There are many advantages of a floating bait compared to natural baits, such as worms and grubs that are fished on the bottom. If you are casting into weed beds, your bait will be elevated away from the weed so it doesn’t become snagged or hidden from the trout. This also means yabbies won’t be able to interfere with your bait. In most Australian states and territories you are allowed 2 rods per person. To ensure that you have all bases covered, you use worms or grubs on one rod and Berkley PowerBait Trout Nuggets on the second rod. This will ensure you are fishing in 2 different water columns and increase your chances of catching a trout. Combine the Berkley Gulp Trout Dough with fluorocarbon that has a tiny diameter and is almost invisible in the water, so the trout can’t see your line. Furthermore, use super-small chemically-sharpened hooks so the bait can float freely without being weighed down by a heavy hook. Full of attracting liquids and scents that trout can’t resist, and the chartreuse colour will stand out even in murky water.