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Black Magic has fast made a name for themselves as serious tackle innovators who believe in the benefits uncompromising quality.

Hailing from New Zealand, Black Magic Tackle knows a heck of a lot about chasing snapper successfully, both in New Zealand and Australia.

Big reds are very partial to a feed of squid; we know this. So, black magic has made a lure that combines the best of soft plastic technology and a simple strip bait of squid (which you will need to add) and delivered the Black Magic Snapper Snack Rig.

The Black Magic Snapper Snack rig looks a little like twin skirted jigs on a lengthy leader. To get the best action and performance out of the lures, black Magic recommends putting a strip of squid, or other strip bait, on each of the hooks.

The UV skirts create a natural visual stimulant, with the strip baits enhancing the action of the lure. The strip bait also excites the fish via its scent.

While you can use the Black Magic Snapper Snack rig without the strip bait, the hot tip from black magic is that the combination is completely irresistible.

There are two hook sizes available 3/0, 5/0 and 7/0. There are some remarkable UV colours from which to choose, that will glow UV in the dark.

Fishing for big snapper is such a thrill that many anglers dedicate their fishing lives to chasing them. Given their quality on the table, and their strength as an opponent, it’s no wonder chasing snapper is as popular now as it ever was.

Give yourself the Snapper Snack advantage and watch the other boats in your fishing zone start looking longingly at you, as you haul in big red after big red. Fish with Black Magic Snapper Snack Rigs, for sale now.

Twin lure rig
Contain high UV luminous skirts
Hooks: Black Magic KLT Circle hooks
Available in sizes 3/0, 5/0, 7/0
Rigged and ready to tie to your mainline
Note: Price is for one single snack rig only. Sinker not included. Multiple images are for illustration only.


Black Magic Snapper Snack Rigs will turn an ordinary-looking strip of squid into a super bait.
The twin rig ensures that double hook-ups are likely.
The UV models are brilliant for fishing the evenings, delivering an irresistible luminous glow after dark. The glow can be recharged with a UV torch.
Can be used with or without a strip baits.
Attractive to a host of the reef and bottom-dwelling species.
The rigs use only circle hooks ensuring fish that are to be released are released unharmed.
The Black Magic Snapper Snack Rig increases your chances of hitting a snapper purple patch every time you hit the water. Brilliant on their own, or add a strip of squid to bring the Snapper Snack to life, appealing to all the senses of a hefty, unsuspecting Snapper.