Extreme Ice Cooler Boxes EI-45

Extreme Ice

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Designed to withstand any extreme temperatures Australia's climate may throw their way.

With a solid Roto-Molding construction and UV stabilised polyethylene resin construction. 

The impressive 1.5 to 3 inch thick high density polyurethane foam core "insulation" ensures maximum cooling conditions inside while keeping outside heat from entering.

With the use of quality chimerical grade gasket. You can expect a full pressurised seal! With such an effective bond an added one way air pressure release valve has been installed, with easy press release function. This allows decompression so you can open your Ice Box. Yes that's how good these extreme Ice boxes are.

2 high grade latches are recessed into the smart mould design, neatly hides them away. This not only protects your latches from being damages, it prevents anything from getting caught up or tangled.

Standard Features:
• Bottle Opener
• Oversized Drain Plug
• Pressure Release Button 
• Non slip Feet

Removable Basket
Cutting board and divider
Cup Holder

Standard Colour Options:
Snow Camo

Model Internal Length Internal Width  Internal Depth Weight
EI-20 365mm 200mm 245mm 6.9Kg
EI-45 540mm 265mm 280mm 10.9Kg
EI-60 570mm 310mm 340mm 14.09Kg
EI-70 715mm 310mm 340mm 15.9Kg
Model External Length External Width  External Depth Warranty
EI-20 500mm 320mm 360mm 5 Year
EI-45 690mm 390mm 410mm 5 Year
EI-60 TBAmm 430mm 450mm 5 Year
EI-70 886mm 430mm 450mm 5 Year