Sunline FC Rock Fluorocarbon Leader Line

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FC Rock Fluorocarbon leader has been a consistent performer for anglers for many years now and only gets more popular, with breaking strains from 3LB to 80LB you have it covered from light freshwater species like Bream and Trout to heavier saltwater species such as Snapper, Kingfish etc.


It has super abrasive properties easy to tie and great knot strength.    


Line Class Diameter Length
3Lb 0.149mm 100m
4Lb 0.166mm 100m
5Lb 0.191mm 100m
6Lb 0.206mm 100m
8Lb 0.236mm 100m
10Lb 0.261mm 100m
12Lb 0.286mm 100m
14Lb 0.311mm 100m
16Lb 0.331mm 100m
20Lb 0.371mm 100m
25Lb 0.406mm 70m
30Lb 0.435mm 70m
40Lb 0.521mm 50m
50Lb 0.570mm 50m
60Lb 0.660mm 25m
80Lb 0.780mm 20m