Daiwa 22 Exist Spinning Reels


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The foundation of the 22 Exist’s design is Daiwa’s new Airdrive Design, a four pillar (Airdrive Rotor, Airdrive Bail, Airdrive Spool, and Airdrive Shaft) design concept that reduces weight, and enhances rotational smoothness and responsiveness to create a reel that is next level in both form and function.

The new Airdrive Rotor and Airdrive Airbail combine to reduce weight at the top of the reel to improve rotational smoothness and start up speed. These design benefits are further enhanced thanks to the Exist’s new weight-saving, optimally balanced Airdrive Spool.

The last of the four key features of Airdrive Design, Airdrive Shaft, features a low contact structure between the mainshaft and pinion resulting in improved rotational smoothness.

Daiwa’s Airdrive Design concept combines with proven Daiwa technologies including Monocoque Body, Magseal, Tough Digigear, ATD, and Twistbuster, to deliver anglers their most advanced Exist reel ever.

Lighter, smoother, more balanced and free flowing than ever before the 22 Exist delivers the future in the angler’s hands.

The SUPER FINESSE ‘SF’ concept EXIST is the lightest spinning reel Daiwa has ever created. A smaller body unit has been developed to reduce the overall size and weight of the reel. A more compact short stroke spool further works to reduce the reel size and weight.

22 EXIST LT2000S-P 12+1 5kg 4.9 PE 0.4-200m 155g $1,149.00
22 EXIST LT2500S 12+1 5kg 5.1 PE 0.6-200m 160g $1,149.00
22 EXIST LT2500S-DH 12+1 5kg 5.1 PE 0.6-200m 170g $1,189.00
22 EXIST LT2000D-P (G) 12+1 5kg 4.9 PE 0.8-300m 155g $1,049.00
22 EXIST LT2500 (G) 12+1 5kg 5.1 PE 0.8-200m 165g $1,049.00
22 EXIST LT2500-XH (G) 12+1 5kg 6.2 PE 0.8-200m 165g $1,049.00
22 EXIST PC LT2500D (G) 12+1 10kg 5.2 PE 1.2-300m 175g $1,049.00
22 EXIST LT3000D (G) 12+1 10kg 5.2 PE 1.5-300m 180g $1,099.00
22 EXIST LT4000D (G) 12+1 10kg 5.2 PE 2.0-300m 205g $1,099.00
22 EXIST LT4000-XH (G) 12+1 10kg 6.2 PE 1.5-200m 205g $1,099.00
22 EXIST LT5000D-C (G) 12+1 10kg 5.2 PE 2.5-300m 210g $1,129.00
22 EXIST LT5000D-CXH (G) 12+1 10kg 6.2 PE 2.5-300m 210g $1,129.00
22 EXIST SF 1000S-P 11+1 (11CRBB) 3kg 4.6:1 (57cm) PE 0.3/200m 135g $1,149.00
22 EXIST SF 2000SS-P 11+1 (11CRBB) 3kg 4.6:1 (60cm) PE 0.3/200m 135g $1,149.00
22 EXIST SF 2500SS 11+1 (11CRBB) 3kg 5.0:1 (70cm) PE 0.4/200m 140g $1,149.00