Daiwa Bait Junkie 4.2'' Minnow Soft Plastic Lures


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Bait Junkie is the culmination of years of collaboration between Daiwa engineers from Japan and local Australian R&D teams. Developed specifically for Australian conditions, Bait Junkie is the furthest evolution of soft bait design, incorporating innovative material science with unique and functional 2D and 3D designs to release a full range of soft plastics that are just as effective as they are exciting.

Bait Junkie baits & packs are also loaded with Shrimp Power-Oil, a powerful shrimp-based formula to make sure that the moment your lure hits the water it’s working.

It’s the small details that set Bait Junkie apart from the competition. When Bait Junkie baits are made, the mould was designed in such a way so the baits can be perfectly cut from the mould, making the fronts of each bait perfectly flat with no injection markings. This makes rigging Bait Junkie baits incredibly easy as they perfectly match to any jighead on the market. Speaking of rigging, all Bait Junkie baits have rigging lines to ensure you rig them straight and true every time. Even the packaging has been carefully planned, and includes a ‘clam’ style internal tray, meaning bent & kinked baits will be a thing of the past.


Style Size Qty Colour Disc Item Check
Minnow 4.2’’ 6pc Motor Oil UV
Minnow 4.2’’ 6pc Pearl Gundgeon
Minnow 4.2’’ 6pc Oil Flash UV
Minnow 4.2’’ 6pc Wakasagi Yes
Minnow 4.2’’ 6pc Mud Blood UV Yes
Minnow 4.2'' 6pc Creaming Soda UV
Mnnow 4.2'' 6pc Whitebait
Minnow 4.2'' 6pc Whitewash Glow Yes
Minnow 4.2'' 6pc White Pearl
Minnow 4.2" 6pc Redbait Glow Yes
Minnow 4.2" 6pc Black & Gold
Minnow 4.2" 6pc Ghost Black Red Belly
Minnow 4.2" 6pc White Magic
Minnow 4.2" 6pc Rust Glow Yes