Daiwa J-Braid Multi Colour Braided Line 4ply 150yd


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Introducing J-Braid, bought to you by Daiwa! Ideally suited for spin and baitcaster reels, the J-Braid x4 by Daiwa is a super high-visibility line for all casting conditions. With a smooth, round profile design that wraps neatly and evenly onto the reel spool, you can forget about knots and cast with ease. Made in Japan, the J-Braid x4 features a 4 ply weave and thin diameter with ultimate abrasion resistance, strength and durability! The J-Braid x4 is available in a variety of lengths and weight ratings, so look no further than the J-Braid x4 by Daiwa for your next angling adventure!


  • 4 ply Weave
  • Maximum abrasion resistance
  • Maximum casting distance
  • Round profile PE Braid
  • Low Stretch
  • Made in Japan