Daiwa Seaborg Electric Deep Drop Combo


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ROD - Seaborg 60XHFD

With the rise in popularity of deep drop fishing using electric reels, Daiwa’s new Seaborg Dendoh rods offer never before seen performance from a specialised dendoh rod in the Australian market.
Leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of the finest deep drop rods on the market, Daiwa utilised all the best components and technology to make the Seaborg rods worthy of their name.


 REEL - Seaborg 1200MJ

Feel Alive. Feel the excitement. Feel the power.

The"big one" slowly appears from the depths. You take a deep breath‚ your lungs fill with the salty air. The anticipation makes your heart beat faster. The feeling of power and excitement surges through your body.

With a push of a lever, the reel engages, the feeling of ultimate power between man, machine and monster and so, let the battle begin!

The 800MJ is designed as the ultimate standup electric game reel, its smaller compact size combined with its immense power allows anglers to place enormous pressure on fish without applying the hurt on the angler. The new motor allows the angler to pump the rod while the motor does all the work, combined with the ATD drag system and just about anything that swims can be subdued in a fraction of time compared to conventional reels and by anglers that simply don't have the physical strength of others.

For ultimate deep water the 1200MJ is the ideal choice. Its massive line capacity combined with sheer power is ideal for fishing the deepest waters of the ocean.

The Seaborg reels set a new standard for what is possible with an electric reel. Gone are the days when this type of reel was made just for deep drop fishing. With the new Jog Lever design, the Seaborg is the ultimate standup electric game reel.


  • Powerful Megatwin (switchable between high/low gear
  • English version LCD
  • Magsealed ball Bearing
  • Oversize SIC line guide
  • Jog Power Lever
  • Drag radiator
  • Convenient 12-Volt DC Operation (acceptable range of voltage 12-16.8V)
  • Electric current usage No load - 4 amps, Rated 7/5A (Hi/Lo) amps, Maximum power - 20 amps for 800-1200MJ - 25 amps for 500MJ 
  • Line Counter and Depth Memory
  • LCD Readout 


Your choice of J-BRAID 8ply 1000m Ice Blue, Multi or Chartruese, Pre-spooled in store.If you have colour preference please request with order.