Double Clutch IZM 115SP Diving Lures


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The Double Clutch has been a staple across light-tackle anglers for many years now. Renowned for its incredible darting action, Double Clutch has earnt its praise as one of the must-have lures in the tackle box. Now, it’s time for everyone to experience the action and fish-catching ability of Double Clutch, with the introduction of the brand new 115mm size, designed & produced specifically for Australia.

There’s no doubt the demands of barramundi anglers ask a lot of the tackle they use, with many lures on the market falling short of the durability required to be a go-to lure for northern anglers. That’s why when making the Double Clutch 115, Daiwa engineers started from scratch, and focused on producing a lure which could emulate the action of the smaller Double Clutch series but incorporate a solid and strong through-wire system. 

A key feature of Double Clutch is the Silent Gravity Oscillating System (S-GOS) casting mechanism. This is a sound-dampened casting weight which is held in place by magnets to perfectly balance casting distance and swimming posture and action, without making the lure incredibly loud underwater. This system makes Double Clutch 115 fly straight & true, whilst remaining almost silent under the surface, something many clued on barramundi anglers swear by.

Incorporating the through-wire system with a heavy-duty body construction, Double Clutch 115 is ready to meet the challenge. Fitted with 4X Japanese treble hooks and split rings, there’s no need for aftermarket tuning to make this lure ready for battle


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