Hurricane Switch 66 Bent Minnow Surface Lure

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Do you want to lure your favourite fish in an easy and convenient manner? The Switch 66 bent minnow is your best bet for this. With its wounded baitfish design, which looks so real, this lure can attract any fish both in the deeper and shallow waters in places like lakes, dams and rivers!

Hurricane Switch 66 bent minnow fishing lures are based on the twitch pause procedure which lets you throw the lure anywhere you want to catch a number of fish species from bream, bass and perch to flathead in the saltwater shallows. Whether you use in the weed beds, sand flats, rivers or bays, the lure can be conveniently thrown into the water and bring up great fish for you to have a feast on or catch and release.

A Hurricane Switch 66 bent minnow lure has the appearance of an injured fish, which is floating in water. Featuring a uniquely constructed body, this bent minnow lure has a natural movement in waters, which fish find real and so are attracted to the lure.

If you vary your retrieves, the bent minnow can intimate several situations. For instance, if you twitch it softly a couple of times, it appears like a small fish which is chasing insects. If you twitch it continuously, it acts like a fish which is trying to escape.

Smash perch, tailor, bass, flathead, whichever fish you want to catch, this amazing product, developed by Hurricane Lures will not be any disappointment.


  • Has an injured appearance which the fish find more attractive
  • Realistic designs and colours
  • Size: 66 mm
  • Weight: 3.2 grams
  • All lures rigged with hooks ready to fish
  • Model Hurricane Switch-66 Bent Minnow