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The Millerods brand has long been heralded as Australia's highest quality and most sought after custom made fishing rods. Now, our new production rod range maintains that performance and quality while making them more obtainable - and excellent value!

Grub Freak LT 732 1-6gm Med-Fast Action 7’3″ 2pc 1‑3kg
Blade Freak ULS 732 3‑8gm Multi-loading action 7’3″ 2pc – detachable handle 2-4kg
Finesse Freak LC 752 2‑10gm Med-Fast action 7’5″ 2pc – detachable handle 2-5kg
Twitch Freak LT 610 2‑7gm Multi-loading action 6’10” 1pc 4-8lb
Bass Freak Med 601 4‑14gm Medium action 6’0″ 1pc 2-5kg
XFLC 732 2‑9gm Forgiving Fast action 7’3″ 2pc – detachable handle 2-5kg
Brawler 671 2-8gm Fast action 6’7″ 1pc 2‑5kg
Beast Buster LMLC 762 7‑28gm Med-Fast action 7’6″ 2pc – detachable handle 5-8kg
Vibe Freak 732 7-21gm Med-Fast Action 7’3″ 2pc – detachable handle 3-6kg
BassFreaK XH 601 5‑18gm Medium action 6’0″ 1pc 4-8kg
CrankFreaK ULS 742 1-4gm Soft Med-Fast/Multi-loading Action 7’4″ 2pc 1-2kg
FlatsFreaK ULS 792 1-6gm Smooth/Multi-loading Action 7’9″ 2pc 1-3kg
Pitch MHS 15-45gm Fast-Med Action 6’10” 1pc 6-15kg
Pitch XHS 25-90gm Med-Fast Action 6’10” 1pc 8-18kg