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The Millerods SwordFight is Australia's first totally purpose-built swordfish rod, designed in collaboration with Australia's leading broadbill swordfish captains and anglers! Not just another stand-up rod blank dressed up for daytime sword fishing, this exclusive design custom blank is perfect for chasing daytime swords; The multi-loading action has the perfect amount of tip flex to clearly show the swordfish 'bite', so you can be ready for teasing and hook-up. The smooth fighting action of the blank doesn't 'shut-off' too quickly which can pull hooks - instead it has the right amount of mid-flex to help absorb heavy head-shakes and remove harsh pressures from the hook-hold. The low-down fighting power of these blanks kicks in just when it's really needed to provide the angler with fire-power to take the fight to the fish. This blank is rated '#50-80' and can fish a wide range of drag pressures all the way to 15kg+! Unlike other rods, it won't wilt and bend into the reel seat when you need it to back you up... As a custom built rod, the Millerods SwordFight has already accounted for more swordfish captures than any other single rod model, including many fish over the 500lb mark, pending Australian record fish, up to the largest broadbill swordfish landed on rod and reel since the 1950's! Miller simply could not keep up with orders for this rod, so it is now available as an imported rod to vastly improve availability. Using all the same components as Ian's original custom builds, it is now readily available and also even more affordable! Presented in a custom cloth bag with separate compartments for rod butt and rod tip.

Specs & Features

  • Exclusive Custom Blank
  • Multi-loading action designed for swordfishing
  • Suitable for braided line/monofilament line
  • Original Fuji SiC 6+1 guide train
  • X-Firm EVA fore grip