JP 2 Man Runabout

Get Wet Outdoors

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30 Years of Innovation, Jetpilot's entire history can be contained in one simple sentence: Four friends with a passion for innovation set out to build the best riding gear and apparel for those who live the life. But enough about our history. Instead our sights are set on the next 30 years, because the one thing that has led us to becoming who we are is knowing that the future is now.

Product Description.

  • Designed for up to two child riders
  • Heavy duty partial nylon cover with heavy gauge PVC bladder
  • Double PVC handles
  • Self-bailing drain vent
  • Reinforced tow system
  • Quick connect tow hook
  • Puncture repair kit
  • SIZE: L84''(214CM) x W55''(140CM) (DEFLATED)