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Understandably, when spin reels drop below the 100 dollar mark, your average angler starts to ask questions. Is it durable enough? What’s it feel like, will it handle a larger class of fish? Will it handle the rough stuff, and bumpy anglers? How smooth can a 100 dollar spinning reel be?

These are all valid questions but answered in the positive with the class of the entry-level Penn Wrath reel. The Wrath is a new addition to the Penn stables. The Wrath spin reel is all about accessible, affordable fishing, without compromising the fishing experience and durability.

Suitable for the beginner and anglers on the tightest of budgets, the Penn Wrath for sale now, can be deployed in a vast range of applications. The comprehensive range commences at 2500 for finesse and light work and stops at the huge 8000, ideal for the beach, oceans rocks and offshore applications.

Features include lightweight graphite construction, which is also highly corrosion-resistant and durable. The two stainless bearings are shielded, offering further levels of corrosion prevention.

The spool is machined aluminium and anodised, suitable for braid or mono fishing lines, and incorporates line capacity rings. Spool capacities are very generous, even for monofilament.

There is a dedicated anti-reverse bearing, for a smooth confidence enhancing feel. Drag capacities are also generous, with the systems being strong and stable, utilising the proven Penn oiled felt system.

Whether you fish the brackish for bass or the offshore reefs for huge snapper, there is a Penn Wrath reel for you. You can fish hard, and fish confidently for the spare change in your wallet. It’s a Penn, so you know straight away it performs as advertised.

2 shielded stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
Instant anti-reverse bearing
Machined and anodised aluminium spool
Line capacity rings
Left and Right Hand
Graphite Body
Penn’s Oil Felt Drag System
Affordable Penn fishing reel for saltwater or freshwater
Note: Price is for one Wrath fishing reel only. Multiple images are for display purpose. Prices will vary depending on the size you select to purchase.


Given that there are several sizes for sale, It’s only valid if we help you purchase the correct size. To do this we have created a short buying guide to detail the sizes available, their principal uses and rods that we suggest to match. We will do so by classifying the sizes into small, medium and large.

Small Size Class Models: In the wrath fishing reel series, we sell two models that we classify as little. For inshore river, lake and other light styles of fishing the 2500 or 3000 sizes present as the ideal option. Perfect for whiting, bream, bass, flathead, trout, perch and many other small-scale freshwater or saltwater fish.

Either of the smaller size Penn Wrath reels will pair to most rods appraised between 3-6kg. For inshore fishing 6ft to 7ft rods are a clear choice, especially in Uglystik brand.

Medium Size Class Models: Size 4000 or 5000 are two options for sale, which represent an excellent choice for heavy inshore fishing. You can fish up north for queenfish, barra and other northern species or fish south for murray cod, mulloway, snapper and a host of other fish, freshwater or saltwater.

Either size in the medium range will likewise excel for medium beach, rock and offshore boat fishing applications.

Ideally, we suggest fishing rods appraised between 5-10kg which measure around 6-8ft for heavy inshore or light offshore. Should you fish the beach or rocks the Wrath 4000 or 5000 will pair well with many 8-10ft rods also rated between 5-10kg.

Large Size Class Models: You’ll have offshore boat fishing, surf or rock fishing covered with either the 6000 or 8000 sizes. They’re big reels designed to tackle big fish. Wrestle kingfish, snapper, mulloway, salmon, mackerel and more. Pair with 6-7ft heavy boat rods rated 10-15kg plus or on 10-14ft surf rods 10-24kg.


The most significant advantage of the Wrath series is that you get Penn durability and quality at the lowest possible price point.
Generous spool capacities and drag capacities ensure that each reel can punch well above its weight. You have access to a larger class of fish across applications.
The strength and durability of graphite ensure your reel will stand up to some pretty harsh treatment.
The Penn Wrath Reel is an ideal choice for the casual fisherman or the angler on a highly restricted budget. Whatever your budget restrictions, you too can chase trout in the mountains or trevally from the reef with the appropriate size Penn Wrath Reel.