Railblaza Adjustable Extender R-Lock


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Make the most out of your RAILBLAZA accessories with our Adjustable Extender R-Lock. This innovative product adds great versatility to your fishing or outdoor gear. It features two rotating R-Lock friction joints and a knuckle joint which tilts in 15° increments, so you can be sure your gear is secure and adjustable. Whether it’s for a fillet table, fishfinder, or any number of other items, our Adjustable Extender R-Lock is perfect for all your outdoor adventures. With its combination of strength and adjustability, you’ll never want to leave home without it!

  •  Add versatility to your RAILBLAZA accessories
  •  Rotating R-Lock friction joints for strength and adjustability
  •  Tilt in 15° increments for the perfect fit
  •  Perfect for fishing or other outdoor activities
Parts Included:
1 x Adjustable Extender


Material Composition
UV Stabilized Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic