Rapala Crush City Imposter Soft Plastic Lures


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Introducing The Imposter from Rapala Crush City - a master of disguise, mimicking a shrimp or prawn to perfection. Crafted with Super T.P.E. material and infused with shrimp scent, this lure produces subtle lifelike movements, fooling even the most wary predators. When rigged on a VMC Brawler Jighead, it hops and darts, its vibrating appendages delivering a seductive swim. When rigged weedless, the back slit hides the hook, allowing you to fish deep into snags where predators lurk. The Imposter is the epitome of realism, deceiving fish wherever you cast it.

Product Features:
•    Smart Injection Technology
•    Shrimp Scent Infused
•    T.P.E Material

Product Specifications:
Length: 3"/8cm
Quantity: 6 per lures pack