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For the Rock hoppers and Surf anglers on the hunt for a new spin reel, if ever there was a unit that immediately commands attention on first look, it’s the new Shimano Aerlex XSB. After a significant upgrade the new Aerlex XSB is a force to be reckoned with. Serious cranking power and superb casting manners make this a perfect option to strap to your 10+ footer for surfside and ocean rock expeditions.

 The key feature is the ARC spool coupled with Aerowrap II. It is this combination that allows for the prodigious casting distances most rock and beach angler’s desire. The lip of the ARC spool provides a massive reduction in friction. Friction is definitely one of the biggest distance killers. The other distance killer is a poor line lay. It is Aerowrap II technology and the slow oscillation that provides an even, uniform line lay that allows your mono or braid to peel of like lightning every cast.

 Shimano Aerlex XSB Fishing Reel for sale now is a whopping 10000 size. The spool capacity is very generous. This, plus a drag max of 15kg gives you an indication of the sort of fish you will be chasing. Cast Poppers, Hard body lures or metal slices from the rocks for Trevally and Yellowtail Kingfish. You can be sure that Queenfish and Mackerel will also take a fancy to a well worked lure as will massive Tailor and Aussie Salmon. Throw a live Yakka out and you might even pick up a Cobia if you’re in the right place.

 Beach anglers will be looking for big Mulloway. Go old school and cast a massive minnow or set a large bait to attract a bigger specimen. Aussie Salmon in the region of 4kg will also be a target and no doubt, big gutter dwelling greenbacks will be with them.

 Whatever your target, the all new Shimano Aerlex XSB Long Casting Fishing Reel will become your spinning reel of choice for attacking beach gutter and the ocean rocks. At this price, you have to put one in your basket now.


ALX10000XSB 4.6:1 2+1 15 7kg/300m 40lb/460yds 645