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Getting out on the blue water and chasing the likes of tuna, sharks, or Blue, Striped and Black Marlin needn’t be the exclusive niche of the super wealthy. It’s nice to know we can all get equipped for the battle of all fishing battles without having to compromise on things like boat rod performance. The Shimano Tag-Em boat rods offer a host of awesome features without having to endure heart failure at the checkout.

An E-Glass blank is the backbone of every rod in the range of Shimano Tag-Em boat rods. Then, depending on the model(s) you choose, you will enjoy inclusions such as Custom EVA grips, Pac Bay/Carbon Butt Assemblies with a few of the models also featuring Pac Bay Bent butts. Guides are either Pac Bay, fuji or a combination of the aforementioned, with the TAGDEEP including a Swivel Tip. Most models are one piece. Check the list below for the 2-piece models. Whatever you choose, you’re equipped, relatively inexpensively, to handle the oceans biggest and meanest.

The superb range and accessible price point allows you to select one or you could go all out and grab a number of models to keep in the boat so you can immediately refine your rig specifically for target or technique. Don’t hit a patch of whatever game fish and wish you had this rod or that rod. Buy it now and keep it in the boat so you are covered for all situations. That’s the beauty of the Tag-Em range; all the beauty and the performance without the heart-breaking price tag.