Viper 316 Stainless Combing Rack Rod Holders

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Viper Deluxe 4 Way Combing Rack

Now available in 1, 2, 4, 6 & 8 way versions!

Sick of your lines tangling, rods getting damaged or even stood on and broken? these deluxe side mount combing rod holders simply bolt to the side of your boat, and no matter how rough it gets your rods & passengers are safe!

The Viper deluxe version has rolled bottoms to each of the holders to eliminate sharp edges against your feet.

The mounting bar is 15mm x 40mm square tube with fully welded gimble pins to stop your rods from spinning and damaging your gelcoat.

The holders also come with heavy duty end caps to protect your rod butts! The rod holders and mounting square tube are 316 Stainless Steel and are hand polished to a mirror finish.

Distance Between
Product Width Hight Rod Tubes Code
1 Way Combing Rack 110mm  250mm  NIL 10025
2 Way Combing Rack 180mm  250mm 85mm 10024
4 Way Combing Rack 500mm 250mm 85mm 10015
6 Way Combing Rack 720mm  250mm 85mm 10021
8 Way Combing Rack 910mm  250mm 85mm 10031