Watersnake 24lb Thrust Motor And Bracket Kit

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The all-new Watersnake Kayak Bracket is a revolutionary kayak bracket changing the way kayakers think about putting an electric motor on a kayak. In the past, kayak and canoe owners were often forced to make their own. The patented new design from Watersnake was created to make it easy to attach Watersnake Electric Motors to kayaks and canoes. The Watersnake Kayak Bracket is the first of its kind and is designed for the Watersnake T18 and T24 Electric Motors. The universal design is suitable for most kayaks and canoes and fits tiller steer electric motors with a shaft diameter of 25mm. It is recomended for electric motors with up to 24lbs of thrust.

Watersnake Universal Electric Motor Mount for Kayaks and Canoes are available in a bundle with a motor or sold separately for those who already have a Watersnake Electric Trolling Motor. The bracket provides a wide range of motion so that you can achieve the best position for powering up and down waterways.

Attaching the Watersnake Universal Electric Motor Mount for Kayaks and Canoes is as simple as following the instructions provided.
24lb Thrust with a 24'' Shaft
2 speed controls in high and low with forward and reverse switch
Fully encapsulated electrical circuits and connectors
Functional in both fresh and saltwater
Weedless dual blade propeller
Kayak Motor & Bracket Combo