Owner S-75M Single Lure Hook

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If treble or double hooks are too much, then you need the Owner S-75M Inline Lure Hooks. Just retro-fit your small crankbaits, spinners and wobblers with these single wide-gape inline eye hooks. They suit all small lures, barbed and fish-friendly barbless points.

Owner S-75M Inline Lure Hooks Features:
  • Ideal retro fit for small crankbaits
  • Eliminates treble issues
  • Improves lure action
  • Great for metal slugs
Model Hook Size PAck Qty
Owner S-75M #4 7
Owner S-75M #2 6
Owner S-75M #1 5
Owner S-75M #1/0 4
Owner S-75M #2/0 4