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Sarca Excel Galvanised Anchors, were developed over a six year period using computer aided design and feedback from commercial fishermen and boaters. The Sarca Anchors' unique design and high quality performance has made SARCA one of the most popular anchors available in New Zealand and Australia; enthusiastically adopted by Coastguard, Police and Fisheries Patrol vessels, as well as charter operators and other commercial boaters. A SARCA Excel Anchor doubles the holding power of the best anchors the world has to offer. The SARCA Excel Anchor  has been designed with distinctive and astounding aesthetics in mind to enhance the new generation of super yachts.

  • Suitable for all types of bottom.
  • Easy to retrieve.
  • Self cleaning.
  • Unique tangle resistant design improves Anchor safety.
  • First Australian Made Anhor to get Victorian Marine Board Approval.

Anchor Size Anchor Weight Width Height Length A B C
SARCA Excel Number 1 7.5kg 275mm 280mm 650mm 420mm 220mm 200mm
SARCA Excel Number 2 9.5kg 310mm 310mm 700mm 460mm 232mm 215mm
SARCA Excel Number 3 12.5kg 350mm 355mm 810mm 525mm 270mm 250mm
SARCA Excel Number 4 16kg 370mm 380mm 860mm 560mm 285mm 265mm
SARCA Excel Number 5 22kg 415mm 425mm 985mm 635mm 330mm 300mm
SARCA Excel Number 6 30kg 450mm 460mm 1085mm 695mm 350mm 330mm
SARCA Excel Number 7 36kg 480mm 495mm 1135mm 718mm 375mm 340mm
SARCA Excel Number 8 40kg 500mm 510mm 1165mm 750mm 385mm 355mm
SARCA Excel Number 9 50kg 520mm 530mm 1205mm 770mm 405mm 365mm
SARCA Excel Number 11 55kg 535mm 555mm 1280mm 810mm 410mm 380mm
SARCA Excel Number 13 63kg 563mm 575mm 1320mm 840mm 430mm 405mm
SARCA Excel Number 15 88kg 610mm 640mm 1410mm 910mm 485mm 440mm
SARCA Excel Number 17 105kg 630mm 640mm 1410mm 910mm 485mm 440mm
SARCA Excel Number 18 136kg 695mm 690mm 1500mm 1000mm 520mm 490mm
SARCA Excel Number 19 160kg 745mm 770mm 1665mm 1085mm 530mm 540mm



Special order required for anchors size 4 and above.